Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Phoenyx Rising

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They tell me I am a danger to the world, 
a monster, a murderer.

Locked away for crimes I have no memory of committing.
I have no idea who I am. 
Only who they want me to be. 

I will protect her, at all costs.
Even if it means erasing her past. 
Everyone in my way is collateral damage.
I am in control. 


The Escape 

"Do NOT leave this room, Phee. I swear to fuck if you try to run I will find you and I will compel you into submission once and for all. WATCH her! Do not let her leave this room!" He growls out through clenched teeth before turn his heel and walking out. The guard takes position in front of the door giving me a hard look. I almost laugh, if there's one thing I can do is distract guards. I walk up to him smiling. "You're not going to keep me locked up are you?" I question as I run my finger down the front of his shirt. His eyes go wide in panic before narrowing into a glare, damn; this is going to take some effort. I trail my finger lower over his belt buckle. 
"Enough." He demands grabbing my wrist, I smile up at him, and I watch him watch my tongue as it slowly moves over my lips. He loosens his grip on my wrist and a hint of a smile plays on his face. Men are so easy. He backs me up into the desk. I reach back and pick up the first heavy thing I can get my hand around and bash it into the side of his face. He slumps to the ground, placing the now bloody paper weight back on the desk. I grab my bag and crack the door, peeking into the hall. I see another guard at each end of the hall. No way I'm getting out this way. I close the door and press against the window. It's at least a fifty foot drop to the ocean below. I don't give myself time to think about it I just throw a chair through the window and launch myself into the air and drop like a rock I to the cold ocean water.